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Stephen Baldauf

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Stephen Baldauf


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Winter Springs FL
United States
407 435-5669
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United States
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I enjoy creating paintings and multimedia images, my work has a traditional theme done in a contemporary style. Working on gallery wrapped canvas, I start with a heavy textured acrylic paint. Then adds found items, like paper images, and embed them into the paint. Layered in on top is oil paint on the final image, and I seal the work with a gloss varnish which protects the canvas, seals the art and gives it an old-world glow.
I started out over 30 years ago with acrylic paintings. In the 80's I went into porcelain whimsical sculpture for which I still get emails about. In the late 80's I started in mixed media collage which I blended wood, clay and found items into sculptures and wall hangings.
In the early 2002, I had a gallery that wanted me to try to paint my collages on canvas, and I found my calling in life. I have developed them into a style that is truly my own. And so I have come full circle, but the paintings are very different than they were over 30 years ago.

Stephen Baldauf

Stephen Baldauf

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